Domestic Catalog  ~  early 1970's  Road Racer Special
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FRAME: 21"x27", 73°x73°, Road Racer. Built of double butted chrome
   molybdenum steel tubing. Brazed-up lugs and Shell cut away.
   Straight tapered seat and chain stays brazed-up. With light alloy
   special seat pillar, patt. No. 559497.
   Front fork - Racing model, butted chrome molybdenum steel tubing.
   Brilliant blue finish.
WHEELS: Tyres & Tubes - Tubular racing tyrres with French Pattern
   valve, 27"x1-1/8".
   Rims - Racing model light alloy tubing rim, 36x36 holes.
   Spokes - B.W.G. #15/16 swaged racing spokes, bright zinc plated.
   Hubs - Light alloy large flanged quick release hubs, 5/16"x3/8"
   Derailleuer gear - 5-speed gear with 1/2"x3/32"x14,15,16,18 and 21T.
              multiple free-wheels.
GEAR & CRANKS: Racing model, light alloy 1/2"x3/32" x47 and 51T.
              double chain wheels. With light alloy cotterless cranks.
HANDLE-BAR: Racing model dropped deep curved. Light alloy, blue
              cotton tape with tape end. With "hi-Crown" stem, forged
              high tension light alloy.
BRAKES: Front and rear caliper, center pull design with light alloy
              levers and arms.
CHAIN: 1/2"x3/32, best roller.
PEDALS: Light alloy body with steel toe clip and leather band.
SADDLE: Racing model. Leather and moulded plastic double top, two
               wire base.
          Bell - Double ding-dong bell, 2-1/8".
          Frame pump - Light alloy frame pump.
Established in 1899
Exclusive in the history of cycles. Proudly presents to the world the exacting craftsmanship carrying with it the good name of Fuji's excellence enjoyed in the past to present.
You too can feel the joy, the thrill, the confidence from the toe to grip.  See for yourself the smooth gliding beauty - ever faithful to your slightest command.
Let Fuji cycle you around with the cycling world.  We feel your cycle in satisfaction is completed in Fuji cycles.


 Photographer: Rakusui Toosha  Designer & Printer's Studio Taki, Tokyo
                                                                                 Printed in Japan