Domestic  Japanese  Catalog   ~   Early 1970's       
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This Catalog measures approximately 14"x14". The Front Cover opens in the center between the two bike riders. The "Road Racer Special", #1310, is similar in design and color to the 1971-1976 Finest.
           Front Cover                             1020                                   1030                                 1040                                 1050  
                                             Light Weight Deluxe L             Light Weight Std.            Light Weight Std. L              Light Weight Sports

                1070                                  1210                               1220                                                          1310                
     Four Speed Touring            Light Weight Popular         Light Weight Popular L                                 Road Racer Special

                1410                                    1610                                 1620                                   1710                                1810
         Double Top Tube                   Popular Model                   Popular Model L                        Balloon                            Juvenile

               1910                         2110    2010  2020                    Back Cover            
            High-Riser                Charm Cycle & Skaters