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1899   Nichibei Trading Company is established as a Japanese-American Trading Company importing American products for distribution in the Japanese domestic market.

The literal translation of "Nichibei" is "Japanese-American"


   Nichibei Fuji Cycle Company is formed by the merger of Nichibei Trading Company and a Japanese Mechanical Engineering CompanyNichibei Fuji Cycle Company begins the manufacturing of bicycles for the Japanese Domestic market.  
1946    Toshoku (Tokyo Food Products) is established in Tokyo to distribute Food Products in Japan.

1950's (latter half)

Toshoku America Inc. is formed and acquires exclusive distribution rights to Fuji made bicycles in the United States.  Toshoku America, Inc. sells private branded Nichibei Fuji made bicycles as house brands through Sears & Roebuck and Montgomery Wards.
     Toshoku Japan changes name to Toshoku, LTD


   FUJI AMERICA is established by Toshoku America, Inc. in New York City.  FUJI AMERICA discontinues sales of private branded, Fuji made, bicycles through Sears & Roebuck and Montgomery Wards and establishes five regional distribution centers to sell FUJI branded bicycles through independent Bicycle Dealers in the U.S.  


Ideal Bicycle Company is formed in Taiwan to manufacture bicycles and bicycle accessories.    
   Between 1980 and 1990 Nichibei Fuji moved its bicycle production from Japan to Taiwan.  In the early to middle 1980's some of the lower end bicycles were produced in Korea and Malaysia.  The high end, hand made bicycles were the last to leave Japan.  
1996   Nichibei Fuji and Toshoku, Ltd. Merge
1997Ideal Bicycle Company expands some production into China.Advanced Sports, Inc takes over the bicycle distribution from bankrupt Toshoku, Ltd.Toshoku Ltd. declares bankruptcy.
    Nichibei Fuji  (Fuji America's Japanese parent company) declares bankruptcy.Cargill, Inc takes over the food distribution of Toshoku, Ltd.

  Jadeland Pacific, an investment group, is formed in the British Virgin Islands and acquires 83% ownership of Advanced Sports, Inc.   
Ideal Bicycle Company expands bicycle production in Poland.Advanced Sports, Inc. purchases the business assets of Fuji America and the worldwide distribution rights to the Fuji Bicycle Brand.  


     Cargill Asia Pacific, Ltd becomes 100% owner of Toshoku Japan.


Ideal Bicycle Company and Advanced Sports, Inc. enter into a strategic relationship to build and buy Fuji brand bicycles  


   Advanced Sports, Inc. purchases SE Racing (SE BMX)  
2004Ideal Bicycle Company acquires 17% ownership of Advanced Sports, Inc.   Advanced Sports, Inc. owns worldwide distribution rights to the Fuji brand

Jadeland Pacific owns 83% and Ideal Bicycle, Inc. owns 17% of Advanced Sports, Inc.
2005Ideal Bicycle Company opens new manufacturing facility in China.

Ideal Bicycle Company enters into a joint venture with Advance Sports, Inc. to create Advanced Sports International Asia, Ltd (ASI-Asia)

Ideal Bicycle Company acquires a 60% stake in Advanced Sports Asia, Ltd.

ASI-Asia begins distribution of Fuji and SE brands in Taiwan.
   Advanced Sports, Inc. moves its headquarters from Oakland, New Jersey to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  
2007   Advanced Sports, Inc. purchases Kestrel Bicycles.  
2008   Advanced Sports, Inc. purchases Breezer Bicycles

ASI enters into a purchase agreement to buy Twin Sport (re-names it ASI-Europe) and begins direct distribution of ASI's brands in Germany.
2009   ASI-Asia begins direct distribution in China of all ASI Brands.

ASI licenses the Terry brand for bicycles worldwide.